The Beginning

Sunset Strip was established in 1998. The property had been home to different strip clubs since the mid 70s, featuring many different names over the years. Upon its birth, the owner quickly changed its image through a thorough renovation that also helped change the location's past reputation. Gone was the seedy, dirty past. It was clean and fresh with a new look, both inside and out. The property was neat, maintained and blended into the community without any distasteful imagery. 

Expanded hours that now included a daily opening of 11 am, the club began a 7 day a week operation. Over the years, it has grown to be a leader of adult entertainment in the Hudson Valley.

The Club Today

Today, the Sunset Strip continues to bring quality adult entertainment in the cleanest, classiest club. Our employees and customers feel excited to be at a premier club with a premium attitude to make everyone happy.

The staff is all long-term key ingredients to always meet the expectations of our clientele. We do it right all the time, every time. Our customers are never misled or fooled. We pride ourselves to be both, customer and employee friendly.

Now it is your turn to come see our club and have a time to remember and want to revisit again!